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Winter Privacy


by Nicolas Scherzinger

text by Arthur Bly

Duration: circa 11 minutes

Six songs for mezzo-soprano (or tenor) and piano


Press the PLAY button below to listen:

Winter Privacy (6 songs)
(Click on right/left arrows to advance to different movements)

Winter Privacy


Alternatively, to download as an mp3, right-click on the file below to save to your computer:
Song 1, About four, a few flakes (mp3 audio file download)
Song 2, My shack has two rooms (mp3 audio file download)
Song 3, More of the fathers are dying each day (mp3 audio file download)
Song 4, A Sitting Poem (mp3 audio file download)
Song 5, Listening to Bach (mp3 audio file download)
Song 6, When I woke (mp3 audio file download)

Above live performance is by Janet Brown, voice, and Sar-Shalom Strong, piano.

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Click here (Score) to download a copy of the complete score.

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MUSIC (SCORE and PARTS) - order a hardcopy

To order a hard copy of the music, please contact Nicolas Scherzinger directly (email below). A paypal option to order hard copies of music will be available soon (2012).

Send an email to Nicolas Scherzinger directly, with the title of the piece you would like to order.
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NOTE: whether you download a copy of the score, or order a hardcopy, if you decide to perform the piece in public, please let me know about it via email, or even send me a program.
Thank you, Nicolas

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Winter Privacy is a set of songs based on poetry by Arthur Bly. The songs were originally composed in the winter of 1999, during my fifth year of living in the "snow belt" of western New York. I was particularly drawn to the dichotomies of light and dark, warm and cold, life and death. In composing the songs, I was very interested in portraying the images and moods of the text in as concise a manner as possible. The music is almost completely reliant on the text for its expression. Originally composed for tenor and piano, I revised the songs this past winter specifically for the soprano, Janet Brown. I am indebted to both Janet Brown and pianist Sar-Shalom Strong for putting in the time and effort to learn the songs, and I dedicate this revised edition to them with admiration.

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2004