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by Nicolas Scherzinger

Duration: 10 minutes

for string quartet


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Whisper, for string quartet

Whisper, for string quartet

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whisper(mp3 audio file download) - complete clip

Above live performance is by the Cassatt String Quartet.

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Thank you, Nicolas

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I began working on Whisper in the fall of 2004 and my initial intent was to create a piece that was quiet and very intimate throughout, in other words, a "whisper" of a piece. As I began working on the music and as I began considering the different ways in which we whisper and it became clear to me that a "whisper" can have a variety of nuance and intensity, and this became the focus of my work. I have long admired the drive and energy that the “string quartet” can create. Thus, although this is a quiet piece, it is also very intense throughout. It is my hope that, just as one might struggle or strain to hear the specific details of a whisper, the listener will have to listen very intently to all the details that happen in this very quiet yet hopefully dramatic and energetic piece for string quartet.

Whisper was composed for the Cassatt String Quartet, and the piece is dedicated to them with thanks and admiration. It was premiered in Blacksburg, Virginia, on the Musica Viva! concert series on January 30, 2005.

Premiered in Blacksbourg, Virginia, January 30, 2005.
Cassatt String Quartet

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2004