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Two as One as Two to One


by Nicolas Scherzinger

Duration: 12 minutes

Duo for violin and cello


Press the PLAY button below to listen:

Two as One as Two to One (in four movements)
(Click on right/left arrows to advance to different movements)

Two as One as Two to One

Alternatively, t
o download as an mp3, right-click on the file below to save to your computer:
movement 1, Frantic (mp3 audio file download)
movment 2, Verses (mp3 audio file download)
movement 3, Whispers (mp3 audio file download)
movement 4, Collision (mp3 audio file download)

Above live performance by Peter Rovit, violin and Wesley Baldwin, cello (October 2011)

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Two as One as Two to One (2011), a duo for violin and cello, was composed in the summer of 2011. As the title suggests, the violin and cello continually explore the concept of being individuals, of working together as a team, and at times, begin individually split in two. Composed in four movements, the violin and cello sometimes perform the same music at the same time, sometimes they take a single line and divide it between them, sometimes they perform the same music out of sync from one another, and sometimes they take a foreground/background relationship with one another. The first movement is very much frantic, followed by a lyrical, singing second movement. The third movement, whispers, brings back materials from the previous two movements, but out of sequence and very much out of character. The final movement is not only a collision of two instruments themselves, but also of musical materials from the first two movements, now forced to exist together.

The piece was composed for Peter Rovit, violin, and Wesley Baldwin, cello, who premiered the work, and is dedicated to them with thanks and admiration.

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2011