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so faint a stillness remembered


by Nicolas Scherzinger

Duration: 12 minutes

for wind ensemble


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so faint a stillness remembered, for wind ensemble

So Faint a Stillness Remembered

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so faint a stillness remembered (mp3 audio file download) - complete clip

Above live performance is by Syracuse University Wind Ensemble.

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When John Laverty approached me to compose a piece for wind ensemble, we had discussed the possibility of writing a soft, quiet piece for winds. In fact, my initial sketches of so faint a stillness remembered began as an intimate and hushed piece for winds. As is often the case in composing-out a piece, the music began to move in a completely different direction from where I had originally intended.

The piece opens with only a few instruments playing a very delicate tune. Slowly the music grows and expands to reach the first small climax. A slow and melancholy chorale in the low brass brings us back to a much softer place, answered by a very delicate and ethereal music in the percussion and woodwinds. Suddenly there is a brash interruption in the trumpets and saxophones, as though not content to stay in this soft, delicate place. The piece begins to grow into something much more bright and energetic with the entire ensemble gradually joining in.
By the end, the piece turns into a roaring celebration and the stillness that had begun the work is but a distant memory.

so faint a stillness remembered was commissioned by John Laverty and the Syracuse University Wind Ensemble, and the piece is dedicated to him and the students and staff of the Syracuse University Band department with much gratitude and admiration.

Premiered in Syracuse, New York, November 16, 2005
Setnor Auditorium, Syracuse University
Syracuse University Wind Ensemble, John Laverty, director

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2005