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by Nicolas Scherzinger

Duration: 11 minutes

for piano quintet (2 violins, viola, cello and piano)


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Simmer, for piano quintet

Shimmer, for piano quintet

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Shimmer (mp3 audio file download) - complete clip

Above live performance is by Meridian Phase II

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MUSIC (SCORE and PARTS) - download a PDF copy

PDF score and parts will be made available soon.

MUSIC (SCORE and PARTS) - order a hardcopy

To order a hard copy of the music, please contact Nicolas Scherzinger directly (email below). A paypal option to order hard copies of music will be available soon (2012).

Send an email to Nicolas Scherzinger directly, with the title of the piece you would like to order.
email -

NOTE: whether you download a copy of the score, or order a hardcopy, if you decide to perform the piece in public, please let me know about it via email, or even send me a program.
Thank you, Nicolas

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Shimmer (2006), for piano quintet, is influenced by a recent hike I took in the Syracuse area. One evening in early spring, shortly before sunset, I sat alone by a lake, completely surrounded by dark, tree-covered hills. As the sun began its final descent below the horizon, fewer and fewer beams of light found their way through the shadows of the trees. A light breeze wisp across the lake causing tiny ripples, and a shimmering dance of lights began on the surface of the lake. The sun slowly departed, and the flickering of lights gradually came to an end, leaving the lake a dark mirror. Although the piece is not specifically programmatic, Shimmer is a very much musical depiction of the images I witnessed that day. Shimmer is a single movement work of approximately 11 minutes and was commissioned by and is dedicated to the performers of the Meridian Phase II ensemble

Premiered at Weill Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York City, New York, March 6, 2006.
Meridian Phase II ensemble.

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2006