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Calico Dances


by Nicolas Scherzinger

Duration: 8 minutes

for viola and elctronics (CD playback)


Press the PLAY button below to listen (requires Flash)

Calico Dances, for viola and electronic sounds

Calico Dances

Alternatively, to download as an mp3, right-click on the file below to save to your computer:
Calico Dances(mp3 audio file download) - complete clip

Above live performance is by John Graham, viola.

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MUSIC (SCORE/PART) - download a PDF copy

Click here (music score, 11x14) to download a copy of the viola part, larger font, 6 pages, 11x14 size paper (print on 11x17, then cut off bottom 3 inches).

Click here (music score, 11x14) to download a copy of the viola part, small font, 4 pages, 11x14 size paper (print on 11x17, then cut off bottom 3 inches).

Click here (music score, 8.5x11) to download a copy of the viola part, LETTER size paper (8.5x11), same as 11x14 size, 6 page document above, reduced to fit on LETTER size paper. It is possible to print this on 8.5x11 size paper then enlarge as needed.

Click here (Title page, notes and instructions) to download a copy of the title page, performance notes, program notes and other instructions, including how to rehearse with the rehearsal CD (see below for audio files)

Scroll further down this page to order or download audio files necessary to perform and learn this piece.

MUSIC (SCORE and PARTS) - order a hardcopy

To order a hard copy of the music, please contact Nicolas Scherzinger directly (email below).

Send an email to Nicolas Scherzinger directly, with the title of the piece you would like to order.
email -

NOTE: whether you download a copy of the score, or order a hardcopy, if you decide to perform the piece in public, please let me know about it via email, or even send me a program.
Thank you, Nicolas

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Calico Dances is a “dance” for solo viola and electronic sounds (CD playback). Rather than being a suite of separate dance movements, this piece is presented as a continuous work in which the viola “dances” in juxtaposition to the electronic sounds. There are two basic musical ideas that get thrown back and forth throughout the piece, but rather than being a linear development of the ideas, the piece is much more of a musical patchwork. Calico Dances is also a very physical piece for the viola, with a great deal of bow motion throughout the work, and as a result, the violist is presented as both musician and dancer.

Calico Dances was written for John Graham and the work is dedicated to him with thanks and admiration.

Premiered in Rochester, New York, February, 2002.
John Graham, viola

Nicolas Scherzinger, Syracuse, NY, 2002


Below are copies of the audio files needed to perform and practice Calico Dances. It is also possible to order a performance CD as well as a rehearsal CD (for a cost of $25 for both). If you would like a copy of both disks, please contact Nicolas Scherzinger directly at:
email -

Right-click below to download the audio file that shoud be used in performance. This is the electronic music part only. You can burn this file onto an AUDIO CD or play directly from a computer for live performance (warning, this is a high quality audio recording in AIFF foramt, 16 bit, 44.1 kHz format, a large file of about 88 MB, so it will take about 10-15 minutes to download, depending on internet connection):

Click here (Calico Dances, Electronic Sounds Only, for Performance.aif)


Rehearsal Audio Tracks (MP3 format)

Below are a number of rehearsal audio tracks that can be used while learning and practicing the piece. These files are compressed, MP3 format. These tracks can also be ordered as a single CD (AIFF format). Please contact Nicolas Scherzinger directly, email -

Calico Dances, entire piece click the above Electronic Sound Only (above) for the entire piece
02 Calico Dances, measure 19 – end measure 19 – end (4 beat pick-up), Size = 11.1 MB
03 Calico Dances, measure 32- end measure 32- end  (4 beat pick-up), Size = 10.3 MB
04 Calico Dances, measure 55- end measure 55- end  (4 beat pick-up), Size = 9.3 MB
05 Calico Dances, measure 62- end measure 62- end  (8 beat pick-up), Size = 8.9 MB
06 Calico Dances, measure 78- end measure 78- end  (4 beat pick-up), Size = 7.6 MB
07 Calico Dances, measure 92- end measure 92- end  (5 beat pick-up), Size = 6.7 MB
08 Calico Dances, measure 100- end measure 100- end  (3 beat pick-up) --- this track begins with the last gesture from the opening section of the piece (after the three-beat metronome beats, you should begin playing in measure 100, followed by a 2-measure rest in 3/4 time then continue with measure 103), 6.3 MB
09 Calico Dances, measure 128- end measure 128- end  (7/8, 7/8, 2/4  beat pick-ups) --- this track has a THREE measure pick-up; TWO measures in 7/8, then ONE measure in 3/4, Size = 4.3 MB
10 Calico Dances, measure 149- end measure 149- end  (4 beat pick-up), Size = 2.7 MB
11 Calico Dances, measure 162- end measure 162- end  (7 beat pick-up), Size = 2.0 MB
12 Calico Dances, measure 171- end measure 171- end  (5 beat pick-up), Size = 1.2 MB
13 Calico Dances, measure 179- end measure 179- end  (4 beat pick-up), Size = 879 KB
14 Calico Dances with CLICK TRACK this is a copy of the entire electronic music part with a click track (with emphasis on downbeats). Size = 12.6 MB
15 Calico Dances, MIDI VIOLA PART entire piece, with a MIDI realization of the viola part(purely for reference). Size = 12 MB